Lazy Sunday + we ♥ Hajdasz

Jul miał dzisiaj występ końcowy ze swoją grupą taneczną z Ogólnopolskiej Szkółki Tańca i Dobrych Manier. Emocji jak zwykle było wiele. A nagrodą za całoroczny wysiłek - srebrny medal.



We have recently visited one of the newest Wrocław attractions – The Africarium. There has been lately some rumpus regarding the increase in ticket prices, but that’s not what I want to write about. 

Anyway, if you consider going to the ZOO, you should have a few hours to spare. Well...at least 4, since the area of the ZOO is really huge, plus there are some attractions for kids, and we all know that little explorers will probably want to see everything :) Preferably, from the inside of a wooden carriage, pulled by their loved ones.

This time, while going to the ZOO, we were actually planning to see the Africarium – and we visited our old friends on the way, too.

 I bet you wonder what our impressions are, huh?

Well, here you go!

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